It’s time to move Westlake forward and address our aging elementary schools!

On November 8, the Westlake City School District has an extraordinary opportunity to seek a bond issue and permanent improvement levy that won’t raise taxes. This issue allows our community to build one elementary campus to replace four aging buildings, and ensures a dedicated maintenance fund to protect our community's investment.

Click here to see the community's support for the levy, including a quote from the Mayor of Westlake!

After years of study, a citizens committee concluded that it was no longer fiscally prudent to renovate or retrofit the deteriorating elementary facilities, not suited for today’s educational standards.

One PK-4 elementary campus is good educationally and financially.

  • Strengthens education by ensuring that all Westlake students receive the same curriculum
  • Provides more access to support services and resources, like counseling and media/technology
  • Creates shared common spaces, but includes age appropriate divisions
  • Allows the district to focus funds in the classroom instead of emergency, Band-aid facility repairs
  • Saves over a million dollars in operating costs each year

This is also the final phase of the building plan, making certain all Westlake students are educated in modern educational spaces.

This issue moves Westlake forward, saves money, and won’t raise taxes.

Vote FOR Westlake Schools on or before November 8.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the levy

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