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It is critical that parents and community member remain informed and engaged about the state of our schools.  The Westlake City School website now has a ‘Your Questions Answered’ page available for members of our community.  This Q & A will give viewers the opportunity to “see the big picture”; providing information on finance, delinquent tax revenue, salaries, student learning, transparency, and school buildings.   For example:

Is it true that taxpayers in Westlake pay 100% of teachers’ retirement?

  That is absolutely false.  By law, teachers are not able to contribute to Social Security; they must enroll in the State Teachers Retirement System.  The school district contributes 14% to this retirement plan as required by Ohio Revised Code, similar to how private employers contribute to Social Security and 401K plans for their employees.  Teachers contribute 11% to this retirement plan, similar to how private employees contribute to Social Security.   

WCS Q&A logo.jpg

This link also affords the viewer the opportunity to engage the district in discussion by asking a question of their own.  Please take the time to read through the questions and answers provided by the district – be proactive and obtain current factual information.

Share this information with a family member, neighbor or co-worker who lives in the City of Westlake so that they too many have the advantage of obtaining accurate information regarding our schools.

We appreciate your past support and look forward to connecting with you in the future. Please continue to follow us on Facebook at www.facebookcom/ForWestlakeSchools and on Twitter @WestlakeLevy.