Westlake City Schools places 1.0 mill Permanent Improvement Levy on May 5, 2015 Ballot.~ 

The Westlake Board of Education - at the recommendation of the Board Audit/Finance Subcommittee - voted unanimously at the Jan. 26 meeting to place a 1.0 mill Permanent Improvement (PI) levy on the May 5, 2015 ballot.


Westlife editorial 3/25/2015: "Westlake voters should go to the polls on May 5 planning to vote for a 1.0 mil permanent improvement levy"


Endorsed by Westlake-North Olmsted League of Women Voters Cleveland Chapter. Click HERE for letter to the editor.


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Vote YES on ISSUE 5 WCSD Permanent Improvement Levy

Capital Funds for Safety, Security, Technology & Transportation


What is a Permanent Improvement Levy?

A Permanent Improvement (PI) levy can only be used for capital items with an anticipated lifespan of at least five years such as safety & security, technology, building repairs, transportation needs and other equipment purchases. The levy will generate $1.36 million annually for the district. PI monies cannot be spent on salaries or benefits.

How much will the PI cost?

This Permanent Improvement levy and will cost $35 annually for the owner of a $100,000 home valuation. Note that millage from previous bond issues will drop off tax bills as of January 2017.

Why do the Westlake City Schools need a PI levy?

While a PI does not solve all WSCD’s financial issues, a PI levy would allow the district to address capital needs now and in the long term without sacrificing programming. The district can address safety and security in our schools protecting our students and community members who use the buildings. PI monies will provide for technology necessary for enhanced learning in all of our schools. Ensure the maintenance of our new buildings supported by our community. The district can maintain our elementary schools until a proposal can be presented to the community on Phase II of the Master Facilities Plan.


What will the money be used for?

PI monies will be spent on capital expenditures categories include:

• Buildings & Furnishings – Fixed Equipment: roofs, windows, masonry, plumbing, electrical, furniture, interior finishes, security cameras, security & access systems, etc.
• Site Development: asphalt, concrete, landscaping, drainage, field repairs & Upkeep, security fencing, lighting,
• Technology Improvements: computers, wireless access, switches, printers, projectors, servers, etc.


How do I know that the Westlake City Schools are making the most of their funding?

The schools have been recognized as one of the top school districts in Ohio for sharing services to increase cost efficiency. Westlake Schools have received numerous awards from the Auditor of State for their clean audits and disclosures in reporting. 


Have Westlake City Schools made cuts?

Yes!  The district instituted a $2 million budget reduction plan in the 2013/2014 school year:

  • Reduced 14.4 teaching positions.
  • Implemented Pay to Participate fees for grades 5 through 12.
  • Increased full day kindergarten tuition.
  • Reduced extended time for counselors.

Westlake Schools have not had additional operating revenues in 9 years. In addition, the district has lost $14.9 million in state funding since 2005. Passage of this Permanent Improvement levy is good business for WCSD and the community’s investment in the schools.


Westlake ranks 3rd lowest in school taxes in Cuyahoga County. http://www.westlake.k12.oh.us/departments/treasurer/Pages/FinancialReports.aspx


I have no children attending Westlake Schools.  Why should I Vote For the PI Levy?

The Westlake Schools are an integral part of the quality of life we enjoy in Westlake. The excellent education our schools provide play a vital role in maintaining property values and making our community a desirable place to live. Westlake City Schools belong to the community and excellent schools matter to all of us.


Remember to vote on or before May 5, 2015!



Link to Register to Vote:  http://boe.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/VoterRegistrationForm.aspx

Link for Absentee ballot:  http://boe.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/VoteByMail.aspx



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Cris Kennedy Chair,

Citizens for Westlake Schools

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